Medication Philosophy

Medication Management is what we do best

We believe effective medication management is sometimes necessary for correcting neurochemical imbalances that may contribute to or be the cause of acute and/or chronic mental illness. Dr. Warner and his ANCC-certified psychiatric practitioners under his direction and supervision work tirelessly to come up with the most suitable advanced pharmacologic regimen. Each and every patient is unique and each regimen is designed uniquely.
Extreme diligence is practiced in each step of the treatment process, including the cross or reverse titration of any current psychotropic medications along with careful titration of any new medications deemed necess Medication Philosophy ary.

Dr. Warner has been extremely selective when choosing his providers. Several of which have completed the requirements for DNP, Doctor of Nurse Practice. Our team of providers proceed in an extremely thoughtful manner, prescribing medications that are related to the symptoms displayed while keeping an eye on your medical history. Dr. Warner is actively involved in each case from day one and is available at all times to provide his expertise and consultation. The team also provides brief solution-oriented psychotherapy and believes that psychoeducation is essential in providing superior patient care. Our providers pride themselves in thinking outside the box while ensuring our medication treatments are approved by the FDA or prescribed off-label based upon clinical evidence and the best treatment practices. Although all patients are unique and have a different time span to obtain response or remission, we encourage our patients and follow through vigorously throughout the process. This is particularly so within the first 4-8 weeks of treatment.

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